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송호준 교수님

[Ho Jun Song]

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Ho Jun Song finished a master degree in Fine Art Education with a bachelor degree in Fine Art at Dong-A University. He is on doctor degree in Architecture at same university.

His works have been invited by Asia Pacific Culture Centre, Washington, U.S.A, International Contemporary Modern Art Exhibition, Yokohama and Tokyo, Japan etc. He has shown his works through solo exhibitions, joint exhibition and group exhibitions since 1988. He was actively involved in Green Food Show and Built Environment Exhibition of Busan International Architectural Culture Festival as director of design. He is a member of City Image Network organized by Munhwa Broadcast Corp. and Hwal Group.

He lectured Fine Art, Architectural painting and Environment Design at DongEui University and Dong Seo University as the invited professor. He is lecturing about Architectural Design at Dong-A University and Bu Kyung University and running C&S Environment Art Research at present.

Editorial Comment

"SONGS FOR A SEASON Hojun Song's exhibition"

In June, a breeze makes me recall nostalgia to nature that has been lying in my subconsciousness.

Without realizing it, I've found that brown bare branches that had light green buds already begin to be decorated with green leaves.

Artists are hardly aware of a changing season while immersed in their artistic world, and then, suddenly one day they feel it like those who feel homesick out of blue.

It is not difficult to witness that people repeatedly destroy nature in the name of development and easily forget its generosity even though we often find ourselves begging help of nature desperately.

Beauty is everywhere, but hard to be discovered. Only love can discover it.

Hojun Song never fails to show caring to even a small unnoticeable tree and embrace it in his paintings with exceptional structure.

The works displayed in today's exhibition are a series of trees which bring a home to us how generous nature has been.

Songs for a season his works are singing are echoing in our heart with a superb sense of color and unique structure.

Artists' creativity are said to be borne by their love and respect of nature.

What is found in reality can be a source of art. However it can't be art itself. It can become a work of art only when it is imbued with an artist's rich emotion.

We can't use a tree as a lumber without trimming its branches. Likewise, we can't achieve artistic ambition without toil and moil, which we learn from nature.

If we stick with what we pursue slowly and patiently, we can surely cherish nature's magic in our paintings such as breeze passing through tree branches and water sound whispering through valleys.

I'd like to congratulate Song for holding this exhibition and hope him the best of luck.

Young Gun Chu

Former dean of Art Colledge of Kyungsung University & Artist


  • 2004 . 2nd Solo Exhibition(Busan/Yulrin Gallery)
  • 2003 . Korea-China Art Exchange Exhibition(Busan/KBS)
  • 2002 . 6th Hwal Group Exhibition (Busan/Lotte Gallery)
  • 2001 . Invitation Exhibition hosted by Asia Pacific Cultural Centre, Washington, U.S.A (Tacoma and Seattle/Art America Gallery)
    5th Hwal Group Exhibition(Busan/Lotte Gallery)
  • 2000 . Duo Joint Exhibition -Ho Jun Song & Jae Hyo Jung(Busan/Lotte Gallery)
  • 1999 . Kwangju-Busan Joint Exhibition -“Youth Inspiration”(Kwangju/Municipal Museum)
    4th Hwal Group - “Interview”(Busan/Lotte Gallery)
  • 1998 . Youngto Exhibition Invited by Hyundai(Busan/Hyundai Gallery)
    3rd Hwal Group - “Seeking For Relations Between Nature Structure and Contemporary Modern Art. Professors' Group Exhibition of Busan Culture Art College(Busan/Elsa Gallery)
  • 1997 . International Contemporary Modern Art Exhibition - “Proposal for Future” (Busan/Cultural Centre & Ulsan/MBC)
    1801 Fine Art Exhibition - “Korea Spirit Oriented by Busan for 21 century”(Busan/Lotte Gallery) 2nd Hwal Group Exhibition(Busan/Lotte Gallery) Small Painting Exhibition invited by Jeju Art Gallery(Jeju/Jeju Art Gallery) Invitation Exhibition invited by Korea Tourism Corp.(Jeju/KTC Jeju) 23rd Youngto Group Exhibition(Seoul/Seoul Gallery) 17th Busan Art Festival Invitation Exhibition(Busan/Cultural Centre)
  • 1996 . 16th Busan Art Festival Invitation Exhibition(Busan/Cultural Centre)
    22nd Youngto Group Exhibition(Seoul/Seoul Gallery) International Contemporary Modern Art Exhibition(Yokohama/Bereni Gallery)
  • 1995 . Hwal Initiation Exhibition (Busan/Space World) Youngto Group Exhibition in celebration of 20th foundation(Seoul/Seoul Gallery) International Contemporary Modern Art Exhibition(Busan/Cultural Centre)
  • 1994 . International Contemporary Modern Art Exhibition(Tokyo, Japan/Cultural Centre)